Grasser made his breakthrough as a producer with the production of the song "Standing" by Fler & Jalil. Afterwards, he worked with various artists such as XATAR, Schwesta Ewa, Hanybal, Vory and Danju. Among his most successful productions are the songs "Nothing Wrong" and "Bad Boy" by G-Eazy.

Produced for

  1. G-Eazy
  2. Fler
  3. XATAR
  4. Metrickz
  5. Jalil

Successful songs (prod. by Grasser)‌

Nothing Wrong - G-Eazy (2017)
Real Yah - Danju (2019)
Standing - Fler & Jalil (2017)
BAD BOY - G-Eazy (2018)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Grasser´)