Goko! (Gökberk Çırakoğlu; born February 24, 2000) is a Turkish gold & silver producer who gained international attention for producing the song "Hello Hi" by V9. He then produced the track "Mr Mysterious" on the gold album "The Blue Print: Us vs. Them" by D-Block Europe.

Produced for

  1. D-Block Europe
  2. V9
  3. Jimmy
  4. daniel sabater

Successful singles (prod. by GOKO!)

Mr Mysterious - D-Block Europe (2020)
Hello Hi - V9 feat. Jimmy (2020)
talk - daniel sabater feat. GOKO! & Walls (2020)

Special productions

GOKO! is also known for his productions in Turkey. He has produced songs for Turkish artists Lil Zey, UZI, Lia Shines, Critical and Baneva among others.

Milyoner - Critical feat. UZI (2021)
Peygamber Sabrı - Lil Zey feat. GOKO! (2020)


GOKO! is also active as an artist himself. Most recently he released the songs "O LA LA" and "EVA & MIA".

O LA LA - GOKO! feat. Motive & Critical (2021) 
EVA & MIA - GOKO! (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `GOKO!´)