Geenaro first gained major attention in 2019 by producing the song "Pineapple" by Jamule.  In duo with producer Ghana Beats, he produced on numerous chart albums including for KC Rebell & Summer Cem on the album "Maximum III" (#2) and for Luciano on the album "Aqua" (#3).

Produced for

  1. Summer Cem
  2. KC Rebell
  3. Luciano
  4. Shirin David
  5. Jamule

Successful productions (prod. by Geenaro)

ICE CUBES - BILLA JOE & KOZIKOZA & Summer Cem feat. Scorpion Gang & Faroon (2021)
VALLA NEIN - KC Rebell & Summer Cem feat. Luciano (2019)
Never Know - Luciano feat. Shirin David (2020)

Special productions

Geenaro is part of Scorpion Gang, with whom he released the album "SCORPION TO SOCIETY" in 2021. The album was able to place in the Top 100 of the German Album Charts in the release week.

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Geenaro´)

Geenaro - Playlist (geenaro)