GARA received greater attention in Germany in 2020 through his productions for Ace Tee and Polo G. In 2021, he collaborated with more Deutschrap artists, including Faroon on the song "Athlet," Musso on "Himmel," and negatiiv OG on "Caliweed." Most recently he produced the track "Dumm gehen will" by t-low.

Produced for

  1. Faroon
  2. Musso
  3. negatiiv OG
  4. Ace Tee
  5. t-low

Successful singles (prod. by GARA)

Athlet - Faroon (2020)
Himmel - Musso (2021)
Caliweed - negatiiv OG (2021)

Special productions

GARA has not only produced for Deutschrap artists, but is also involved in productions of international artists. For example, he has produced several songs for the Polish rapper Kizo.

Niebieski Bentley - Kizo feat. Taco Hemingway (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `GARA´)