Florida Juicy

Florida Juicy

Florida Juicy is a producer from Bremen, Germany, who got more attention through his collaboration with Kid Kapri. Together with the rapper, he released several successful singles in 2021 including "Crémant auf Eis" and "Mosaik". In addition, he released the track "Little Red Riding Hood" with Longus Mongus & Verified.

Produced for

  1. Kid Kapri
  2. Longus Mongus
  3. Verifiziert
  4. LGoony
  5. Tightill

Successful singles (prod. by Florida Juicy)

Mosaik - kid kapri, Florida Juicy (2021)
Rotkäppchen - Florida Juicy, Longus Mongus, Verifiziert (2021)
Nacht wird lang Remix - Tightill, Donvtello, Florida Juicy (2019)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Florida Juicy´)

Photo by @zeitfang_