Figub Brazlevič

Figub Brazlevič

Figub Brazlevič received greater attention in 2012 through his collaboration with US rapper REVERIE. He then produced the song "385i" for Olexesh and the track "Schon wieder Sonntag" for SSIO. Most recently, he worked regularly with Kollegah. For the rapper he produced the "Golden Era Tourtape" and the chart song "Empire State of Grind". Furthermore, Figub Brazlevič is co-founder of the label "Krepek Records".

Produced for

  1. Kollegah
  2. SSIO
  3. Olexesh
  4. Seyed
  5. Ali As

Successful singles (prod. by Figub Brazlevič)

Empire State of Grind (Hoodtape 3) - Kollegah (2018)
Schon wieder Sonntag - SSIO (2013)
Bitch wir sind Alpha - Kollegah (2017)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Figub Brazlevič´)