ERX (Erik Marbach) has gained greater notoriety as a producer through productions for Hemso, HK and Nimo. Already at the age of 18 he landed with the song "Dope Boys" on the album "Auf Bewährung" by Hemso on #8 of the German charts. This was followed by the productions of "Oxygen" with HK and Nimo and "Backstreet Boys" with Gringo, HK and Celo & Abdi. Most recently, he produced the songs "Low" by Ra'is and "Push" by Keko-G and Xatar, among others. Since 2020 he is under contract with Berlin Music Publishing.

Produced for

  1. Gringo
  2. HK
  3. Nimo
  4. Xatar
  5. Celo & Abdi

Successful songs (prod. by ERX)

Push - Keko-G feat. XATAR (2022)
Backstreet Boys - GRiNGO, HK, Celo & Abdi (2020)
Oxygen - HK & Nimo (2020)
Qseng Roll feat. SEKOZAZA - Keko-G (2021)
Dope Boys - Hemso (2020)

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