enocorxl is a producer from Bamberg, who made a name for himself through his collaboration with dusy. For the artist he produced songs on the albums "Doppelt oder nix" and "Tape2" among others. Most recently he was involved in the production of the "Nachbarschaft" EP by Yung Vision.

Produced for

  1. t-low
  2. dusy
  3. Yung Vision
  4. Sin Davis
  5. absent

Successful songs (prod. by enocorxl)‌

Gas - dusy & t-low (2022)
Nachbarschaft - Yung Vision (2022)
Sonnenlicht - Yung Vision & Sin Davis (2022)
Cerulean - dusy (2021)
Spooked - dusy & CAN MIT ME$$ER (2020)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `enocorxl´)


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