Emde51 first came to prominence as a producer in 2019 with the track "1991" by Mois, which he produced. A short time later followed the song productions for "HAYATIM" and "Benza" by Maestro. After another collaboration with Ali Bumaye, Emde51's big breakthrough came with the production of the song "Why?" by Rai's & Noah, which charted on Spotify. Most recently, Emde51 produced again for Mois & Maestro and Ra'is as well as for Alpa Gun. In addition, he produced the track "Blut" with numerous well-known artists such as Ramo, Azzi Memo and Massiv to set a sign against war.

Produced for

  1. Ra'is
  2. Noah
  3. Ali Bumaye
  4. Mois
  5. Maestro

Successful singles (prod. by Emde51)

Wieso? - Ra'is & Noah (2019)
1991 - Mois (2019)
George - Ali Bumaye (2019)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Emde51´)