Don Alfonso

Don Alfonso

Don Alfonso is a multi-gold and platinum award-winning producer from Berlin. He first gained greater attention through his collaboration with Estikay. He produced the majority of the album "Blueberry Boyz" for the rapper. Other of his initial German productions include "Schüsse aus'm Benz" by Olexesh feat. Bonez MC and the songs "Mag Sein" and "Traum" by Kurdo. His biggest international successes include the (co-)productions of "LEMME FIND OUT" with Bino Rideaux & Roddy Ricch, "Dancing On Ice" by Yxng Bane and M Huncho, and "Claro" and "Borsello" by Guè Pequeno. "Borsello" (feat. Sfera Ebbasta and Dref Gold) charted at #1 in Italy and reached platinum status.

Produced for

  1. Roddy Rich
  2. Guè Pequeno
  3. Freddie Gibs
  4. Bonez MC
  5. Olexesh

Successful singles (prod. by Don Alfonso)

LEMME FIND OUT - Bino Rideaux & Roddy Ricch (2021)
Claro - Guè Pequeno (2018)
Schüsse aus’m Benz - Olexesh feat. Bonez MC (2018)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Don Alfonso´)