DJ Eule

DJ Eule

Dj Eule has gained notoriety through his signing with PDNTDR and collaborations with Kool Savas, Absztrakkt and Cr7z. He has accompanied Kool Savas as a live DJ since 2019 and for Cr7z he produced songs on, among others, the albums "Typhon" from 2021 and "Akasha" and "Gaia" from 2020. Most recently, he was involved in the production of the chart single "Königsdisziplin" by Kollegah & Cr7z. Furthermore, he is co-founder of the two labels "Arjuna" and "58Muzik".

Produced for

  1. Cr7z
  2. Kool Savas
  3. Kollegah
  4. Snowgoons
  5. Absztrakkt

Successful singles (prod. by Dj Eule)

Königsdisziplin - Freshmaker, Kollegah & Cr7z (2021)
Krankes Biz - Cr7z (2017)
Am Ende wird alles gut - Cr7z (2015)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Dj Eule´)