Deyjanbeats (Daniel Kraft; b. 01/16/2002 in Osnabrück) first gained major notoriety in Germany for producing the 2019 single "Da für dich" by Eddin. In collaboration with "OUHBOY", he produced the track "GWOP" for JAY1 the following year. Most recently, deyjanbeats was involved in the production of the songs "Money On My Mind" and "Love Shots" by Faroon, as well as the production of the Russian track "5 Nights Crazy" by rappers Big Baby Tape & kizaru (charted at #1 in Russia).

Produced for

  1. Fetty Wap
  2. Big Baby Tape & kizaru
  3. JAY1
  4. Faroon
  5. Eddin

Successful singles (prod. by deyjanbeats)

Money On My Mind - Faroon (2021)
GWOP - JAY1 (2020)
No Choice - DC Young Fly & Fetty Wap (2020)
Baby Blue - Faroon (2022)

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