Deafect (Timo Falk; born in Switzerland) gained first major reach in 2019 with the production of the song "BEIDE HÄNDE ROLEY" by Milonair. A few months later, the next big success followed with the production of the song "Unikat" by MERO. In the following year Deafect produced songs for more artists like King Khalil ("ALL BLACK") and Kalazh44 ("Einfach so").

Produced for

  1. MERO
  2. Kalazh44
  3. Milonair
  4. King Khalil

Successful singles (prod. by Deafect)

Unikat - MERO (2019)
Einfach so - Kalazh44 (2020)
Milonair - BEIDE HÄNDE ROLEY (2019)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Deafect´)