COLLEGE is a producer from Nuremberg, who made a name for himself through his collaboration with OMAR. After he started producing in 2017, he already reached his first placement in 2020. For OMAR he produced and recorded all songs on the album "TEK TEK" in his home studio. In addition, he produced most of the songs on the album "Not Welcome". Among his most successful productions are the songs "Habibi" and "Mama weiss" by OMAR.

Produced for

  1. OMAR
  2. O.G.
  3. Kolja Goldstein
  4. Dardan
  5. AK 33

Successful songs (prod. by COLLEGE)

FedEx - OMAR (2020)
Stichnarben - OMAR (2020)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `COLLEGE´)

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