Chryziz (Christopher W.; born January 18, 1996 Frankfurt am Main, Germany) has gained greater notoriety as a producer through productions for KMN Gang. In 2017, he produced the songs "Czech Republic" on the #2 album "Mele7" by Zuna as well as "Montpellier" on the #3 album by Miami Yacine. Among his biggest achievements is the production of Luciano's gold single "Vorankommen". Most recently, Chryziz produced the song "Chiron" by Naps.

Produced for

  1. Luciano
  2. Dardan
  3. Zuna
  4. Miami Yacine
  5. Naps

Successful singles (prod. by Chryziz)

Vorankommen - Luciano (2017)
a miLLy - Dardan & Mozzik (2019)
Montpellier - Miami Yacine (2017)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Chryziz´)