Chris Jarbee

Chris Jarbee

Chris Jarbee (Christian Pfeifer; born 13 September 1996 in Pinneberg near Hamburg) has recently attracted attention with the production of the song "Heimweh" by Ra'is & Fero47. In addition, he produced much of Ra'is' album "Traum" this year. Previously, in 2020, he produced numerous tracks from Anonymous's album "Ultimate" as well as Ra'is's album "Hayat". Chris Jarbee is also regularly active as a mix/mastering engineer for Ra'is, Animus, Samra and Fero47, among others.

Produced for

  1. Ra’is
  2. Anonym
  3. Luciano
  4. XATAR
  5. Bozza

Successful singles (prod. by Chris Jarbee)

Hayat - Rais (2020)
Galaxie - Luciano (2020)
Bars - Animus (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Chris Jarbee´)