Chris Cobaye

Chris Cobaye

Chris Cobaye is an artist, songwriter & producer who gained greater notoriety for his collaboration with Kianush. For the artist, he produced a majority of the songs on the album "Boost", which charted at #85. He is signed to Sony Music Publishing's Edition NUR. Most recently he produced the song "ON MY MIND" on Kianush's "X-Tape".

Produced for

  1. Kianush
  2. Topic
  3. Mike Singer
  4. Kayef
  5. Hava
  6. Moe Phoenix
  7. Mel
  8. umutvarya

Successful songs (prod. by Chris Cobaye)‌

Ghost - Kianush (2021)
Schizophren - Kianush (2021)
Peanuts - Kianush (2021)

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Chris Cobaye
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