Cameron Cartee

Cameron Cartee

Cameron Cartee is a multi-platinum award winning engineer from the US. He has worked for some of the top studios in Atlanta, such as Patchwerk, Darp, Street Execs, Billboards and other elite studios. Currently, Cameron is the Head Engineer at EOA Digital Studios, located in Atlanta, where he has curated and released an EP and many singles featuring major artist.

Mixing credits

  1. 2 Chainz
  2. Migos
  3. T.I.
  4. Young Thug
  5. Rick Ross

Successful singles (by Cameron Cartee)

Lil Bity - Cameron Cartee feat. Young Thug (2018)
Trapped In This Trap - Cameron Cartee feat. Supa Peach & Lil Donald (2021)
Heart Torn - Cameron Cartee feat. Kap G & K Shiday (2021)

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