Brasco (born in Hamburg) is a German producer with Ghanaian roots. He first gained major attention in 2017 through his placement on Kalim ft. Luciano. Afterwards he produced numerous successful tracks for Lucio101's album "Mittendrin" and his EP "C.o.B 2" with Omar101. Since 2020 he is signed to co-publisher Kabul Fire, where Farhot (producer) is the founder. Most recently he produced the single "OZEAN" by KALIM & Haftbefehl.

Produced for

  1. Lucio101
  2. Kalim
  3. Luciano
  4. Haftbefehl
  5. Alicia Awa

Successful singles (prod. by Brasco)

OZEAN - KALIM & Haftbefehl (2021)
Nix - Lucio101 feat. Nizi19 (2020)
Tresi - KALIM feat. Luciano (2017)

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