BM first gained major attention by producing the song "IMB" by Azzi Memo & JIGGO. After that he produced several songs on the album "VIBEZ'N'FLOWZ" by Azzi Memo as well as on the album "Ghost" by JIGGO. Among his most successful productions are the tracks "In the Hood" by Soufian and "HEB AB 2" by Azzi Memo featuring Capo.

Produced for

  1. Azzi Memo
  2. Capo
  3. JIGGO
  4. Soufian
  5. Reda Rwena

Successful singles (prod. by BM)

In der Hood - Soufian & SOTT (2021)
Temperament - CALO, BOJAN & Anonym (2022)
HEB AB 2 - Azzi Memo feat. Capo (2021)
HEY SIRI - Stacks102 feat. Skoob102 (2020)

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