BGRZ is a French multi-platinum producer who gained attention for producing the song "Amina" on MHD's 2-time platinum album "MHD". His most successful songs include "Pilote" and "Auf fond d'ma tête" on the equally 2-time platinum album "Enna" by PLK.

Produced for

  1. MHD
  2. Damso
  3. PLK
  4. Runtown
  5. Poupie
  6. Youssou N’dour

Successful singles (prod. by BGRZ)

Pilote - PLK feat. Hamza (2020)
Amina - MHD (2016)
Au fond d'ma tête - PLK (2020)

Special productions

Besides French music productions, BGRZ has also produced very successful songs for British, German and Spanish artists. He has produced 2 songs each for the British rap collective D-Block Europe, for the German rapper Lune and for the Spaniard Kidd Keo.

Overseas - D-Block Europe feat. Central Cee (2021)
HAB NUR EINE BITTE. - Lune (2021)
Olvídate - Kidd Keo (2021)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `BGRZ´)