benhunta (Benedikt Lukas Burghardt) has made a name for himself as a producer with productions for Apache207, Lil Duke and Yak Gotti. One of his biggest successes is the song "Moonlight" on the #1 album "Pussy Power" by Katja Krasavice. He achieved further success with the production of "Tuna & Brandy" by Apache 207, "Problem" by Domani & EARTHGANG, "Birkin" by Lil Duke & Yak Gotti and "Feindbild" by Hava.

Produced for

  1. Apache 207
  2. Lil Duke
  3. Domani
  4. negatiiv OG
  5. 451

Successful singles (prod. by benhunta)

Thunfisch und Weinbrand - Apache 207 (2021)
Bentley Trucks - negatiiv OG (2020)
Birkin - Lil Duke feat. Yak Gotti (2021)
Fluch & Segen - Heinie Nüchtern, t-low & Sevi Rin (2022)
Uber - Omar101 & Karamel19 (2021)
KIKI - YUNG SAINT PAUL & vito (2022)
Egal - Christoph Sakwerda (2022)

PROD. BY `benhunta´


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