Barré is a producer from Frankfurt am Main, who made his breakthrough as a producer by producing the song "Frisch" by 01099. The single charted at #36 and was awarded the Goldschalltplatte. He also produced the song "Altbau" on 01099's album of the same name, which reached #7 on the German charts. Most recently, Barré was involved in the productions of "Eiskalter Vodka" by Mirco Kima as well as "Changes" by REEZA.

Produced for

  1. 01099
  2. Alicia Awa
  3. Jamin
  4. Stacks102
  5. King Khalil

Successful songs (prod. by Barré)‌

Frisch - 01099 (2020)
Altbau - 01099 (2022)
Karamell - Alicia Awa (2022)

ArtistConnect - Playlist (PROD. BY `Barré´)