AT Beatz

AT Beatz

AT Beatz (Leonardo Benincasa; born December 5, 1991) is a German-Italian producer who gained notoriety through his collaboration with Ufo361. For the rapper he produced songs on, among others, the two #1 albums "808" and "WAVE" and the #2 album "VVS". On the album "808" he collaborated with the producer group 808 Mafia and on the "VVS" album with Quavo and Rich TheKid. He also produced on the #1 Gold album "Wolke 7" by Gzuz on a bonus track with The Cratez. Among his biggest successes is the production of Ufo361's single "Nice Girl 2.0", which reached platinum status.

Produced for

  1. Ufo361
  2. Capital Bra
  3. Gzuz
  4. Yung Hurn
  5. AK Ausserkontrolle

Successful singles (prod. by AT Beatz)

Nice Girl 2.0 - Ufo361 (2017)
VVS - Ufo361 feat. Quavo (2018)
Gib Gas - Ufo361 feat. Luciano (2019)

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