ALMNAC (Paul Robinson; born June 03, 2002 in Glasgow) is a Scottish producer. He moved to Hamburg at the age of 14 and met the producer Brasco at the HipHop Academy. Together they produced the song "Topfit" by Lucio101, with which ALMNAC first achieved greater attention. Through his collaboration with Brasco, he also came into contact with UNTER OBSI. From there on he worked with the duo regularly and was involved in the production of several songs on their "Mixtape Vol. 1" and "Mixtape Vol. 2", among others.

Produced for

  1. KALIM
  2. Lucio101
  4. YY
  5. DIZZY

Successful singles (prod. by ALMNAC)

Topfit - Lucio101 (2020)
808 - UNTER OBSI (2020)
LOCKDOWN - UNTER OBSI feat. YY, DIZZY, Lucio101, Nizi19 (2021)

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