Adal White

Adal White

Adal White has made a name for himself through his collaboration with Noah. For the rapper he produced the songs "Komm her" and "200 KM/H". Afterwards he was involved in the productions of the songs "Schockwelle (Remix)" by Kool Savas, "Vollgas" by Mert and "Flashbacks" by BassSultanHengzt. Most recently, he produced the track "LILA" by Olexesh & Hell Yes. In addition, Adal White is a VIP member of Timbaland's Beatclub.

Produced for

  1. Olexesh
  2. Kool Savas
  3. Noah
  4. BassSultanHengzt
  5. Mert

Successful singles (prod. by Adal White)

LILA - Olexesh & Hell Yes (2021)
200KM/H - Noah (2019)
Komm her - Noah (2018)
Facetime - Kaz Bałagane & Diho (2022)

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